The Cost To Install An In-Ground Pool?

admin December 5, 2014
inground pool consideration

In-Ground Pool- The idea of ​​an in-ground pool is a powerful attraction for many prospective owners. The pools are a source of fun and enjoyment at home. An in-ground pool, above all, offers the possibility to enjoy when it comes to staying home. The cost to build and install but it is also something that should be considered. The price of installing an in-ground pool is very variable and can cost a considerable amount of money.

The price range

The price of installing a pool always depends on the size and site. Some are more expensive than others due to the type of surface you have. Ground pools vinyl sheet flooring typically cost $ 10,000 to $ 25,000 and are cheaper to install. The fiberglass cost $ 15,000 to $ 30,000 while the concrete are the most expensive $ 20,000 to $ 50,000.

The complexity of the construction

The price of installing an in-ground pool increase if you want a pool custom design will be made ​​of concrete. Concrete can be shaped and molded to create any design you want. Therefore the more complex a pool will cost more. Instead a standard design 20 foot by 40 foot (6 by 12 m) steel wall vinyl costs $ 20,000 which is half the cost of a concrete pool of similar size.

Types of pools

Normally the package to include an in-ground pool filtration system located at the edges of the pool and underwater lights. The cost of filling the pool is usually included in the price of installation. However, the price of installation does not usually include the arrangement of the garden or pool fencing. An article on pools August 2008 edition of “Popular Mechanics” notes that most people pay another $ 40,000 or more for optional items offered on an installation of in-ground pool that costs $ 50,000.


Make a good search before purchasing an in-ground pool. The pool installation prices vary widely across the country. If you’re trying to keep costs down then select an installation package of standard size in-ground pool instead of one with a custom design. It’s also a good idea for you to secure you that all guarantees are clearly stated on the plans before buying a pool. Finally, always keep in mind the details about the long-term maintenance and service costs before buying any in-ground pool.

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