How to Decorate a Minimalist Dining

admin August 29, 2014
minimalist design dining room

Minimalist Dining – The minimalist decor is perfect for those who do not seek luxury and comply with what little. I’m not talking about spaces without style, but rather spaces that know exactly how to make a difference with their characteristics. This then will show you the keys to a minimalist room.

Keys for a minimalist dining room:

  1. Furniture: always keep in mind that in the minimalist decor is always only uses primary. So in a minimalist room, you have to put only furniture that is necessary as tables, chairs, and if you want a shelf. They should be modern and at the same time simple, with straight lines and neutral tones designs. This decorating style chairs are widely used in metal legs. If your room is small in size you need to use better low benches for when you need to wear it under the table and thus not occupy much space in the dining room.
  2. Walls and floor: the cleaner will be much better. A minimalist dining does not tolerate such exaggerated accessories on the walls nor on the floor. That is why you need to put the pictures on the walls being sober, and put on the carpet floor is straight lines and soft colors.
  3. The cloudy atmosphere is excellent to decorate a minimalist style dining: to get it, it would be good to put furniture in the space that meet two or more functions, so most of the space will be free.
  4. Accessories OK: glass and aluminum are materials used to make the dining room minimalist accessories. So you can have minimalist dining in your dining room a glass table.
  5. Lighting: to add lighting to the dining space, you can use a lamp of the same color as the chairs and the table to achieve homogeneity, can also be placed near the table or lamp on the table, light directly to the space in which it is eaten. But you have to remember that the light for this space has to be indirect. In addition you can use the hidden lighting, led lights and ceiling lighting.
  6. Storage. Course you can save it that bucket that you gift your grandmother and always adored that cup. But remember that not everything has to be, because fewer things look much the better, you can have a shelf in your dining room minimalist style in which you keep all the things that are necessary for you.
  7. Colors: should use colors that do not cause a lot of strain on the eyes. The ideal colors you can use in your dining room are white, grays, browns and blacks. And do not forget to give a touch of color with accessories for the minimalist dining.

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