How to Create a Bedroom Ideas and Inspiration of Beach Theme

admin May 30, 2014
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Bedroom Ideas and Inspiration – Nothing like a beach theme when decorating a bedroom which calm and relaxing, this style of decoration is focused only on the pleasure of escape to a private retreat. It is not necessary to have a beach house or you live on the seafront to recreate this kind of environment. All you need is a strong desire to recreate the serenity and grandeur of the ocean. In less than what you know it, the bedroom will be your favorite place in the house.


  1. Choose a color palette inspired by the sea. While blue and aqua are obvious choices, think earth tones combine to create a cool, relaxed style. Choose a primary color and two accents to create a nice balance in the room. The sand beige, pale blue and white cream is ideal for a beach themed bedroom threesome. If you prefer the more airy rooms, stick to the clear outlines that emphasize robin’s egg blue and turquoise. Some shades of yellow will add brightness to the space.
  2. Select furniture that fit your theme. If the subject is relax, decorated with wicker furniture to create a comfortable look and feel inspired by the ocean. Another option is worn furniture. If the issue is more formal, choose pieces in teak and rosewood. Arrange your furniture in a way that will allow the space feel light and airy. Keep a sufficient distance between your bed and your closet to avoid saturation.
  3. Choose soft and sexy fabrics that reflect the tranquility bedroom ideas and inspiration of the beach. Make your bed look alluring using fluffy pillows and a soft, thick comforter. Place decorative pillows on the chairs to add color and texture. Being able to choose from the rich marine silk prints, fabrics used to encourage your room.
  4. Hang curtains that mimic the flow of the sea breeze. Translucent fabrics work well because they move with the wind, giving the room a feeling of freshness and lightness. Other options include cotton curtains that offer privacy. For a different look, choose blinds or curtains hanging bamboo.
  5. Find accessories with the ocean to the room. Place natural fiber rugs on your floors. The braided jute and sisal for example, are comfortable under bare feet. A bamboo screens and some wicker baskets add interest and are useful. Some memories of the sea, such as shells, coral and sand dollars, are charm in glass vases and are easy to get and prepare a settlement. Central column type candle in a shallow container filled with fine sand and you’ll be enjoying another simple but beautiful detail.
  6. Add some potted plants to bring a bit of nature indoors in to your bedroom ideas and inspiration. Rich foliage plants brighten the dark corners while improving species hanging a relaxed and informal atmosphere.

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